Digital Garden.
a second brain system

Digital Garden is a system for keeping everything in one place: your projects, your tasks, your notes and your goals.

Everything inside one app: Notion.

Switching from one application to another is always a waste of time and most importantly it makes you lose focus on what you were doing.

  • Avoid switching multiple applications
  • Focus on getting things done
  • A database with all your entries

No more waste time to arrange notes and tasks from different formats and from your multiple devices.

Your daily activities at your fingertips

Productivity is the focus of this template. It will be difficult to miss even a single task that you need to do during the day or during the current week.

  • Schedule your daily activities
  • Your current tasks
  • High Priority Tasks always at your glance
  • Your next tasks of the day
  • An overview of the tasks of the week

It will be impossible to forget some task or not know what your next activity will be for your success.

"I use this template to manage my main activities during the day and my side business and projects."

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Notion Template

Best option for personal use & for your next project.

  • Today Overview
  • Notes database
  • Habits Tracker
  • Books Tracker
  • Tasks Planning
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